Frequently Asked Questions

Am I Ready to Be a Homeowner?

Buying a home is both exhilarating and scary.

It also means you are taking on the largest debt you will possibly ever have to pay.

Financial realities of preparing to buy a home can come with lots of stress,uncertainty, and questions




Is Renting or Buying Better?

The perception of settling  down has  always been associated with buying a house.

Buying vs Renting a home!  seems futile. More than being right or wrong.Its a matter of choice and affordability.

What Is the Lender's Formula?

Lender need proof of your 2 year  current Tax return.

Proof of income and also proof of downpaymnet.

Need to have a good credit score.

What Do I Look for in Homes?

Most important for a buyer is to look at a location.

Size of the home is very important as well.

Neighborhood plays a critical  part when you are looking to buy a home.

Do I Need a Home Warranty?

Most buyers start looking at the open houses in the area they have narrowed down.

If you are a First time home buyer looking for a starter home , or if you just need to buy a home you can afford,be careful not to lose sight of your goals in home -buying process. Don’t let the smell of fresh cookies or fresh scent confuse you if the seller is trying to mask the bad odor . Look closely at walls ,ceilings and flooring for signs of any water damage.

Get a home warranty if the appliances, water heater and appliance s are dated or old.

What Should I Expect at Closing?

Closing is a final step in what is often a lengthy process associated with real estate sale. Time between Purchase contract and closing is from 35 to 60 days .For  home buyers the closing day is they officially receive the keys. For Sellers closing day s the day proceeds from the transaction will be received. 

What Is Pre-approval?

Pre approval is the pre qualification for a loan or mortgage of a certain value range.

Am I Ready to Rent?

Rent is not your only financial concern with new apartment. 

Other  upfront costs are application fee, security deposit,pet deposit and if application needs first and last month’s  rent

What Should I Offer?

Historically , experts suggest spending 30% of your income on rent. However it may vary as per tenant’s situation.

Can I Ask You for Advice?

Try to negotiate rent increase with your landlord.

Proving your worthiness.

Compare rental values in your neighborhood.


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