Staging and De-clutter has become mandatory these days with every listing

Staging to sell has so many steps for the sellers to attract buyer.Gone are the days when Realtor will recommend the Seller for staging and decluttering and Sellers always objected to the idea .  Always aim for a light and bright look. If furniture is bulky store the furniture and  rent the furniture for a month. Rearrange the furniture But now there is so much information online that every seller have their own input as to how they want to stage and declutter their home. Fresh paint and decluttering the home appeals to the Buyers. Sellers even rent out a pace to put heavy furniture so the rooms looks bigger. Another crucial thing is curb appeal. Outside has to be inviting . If seller  cant afford to stage  the entire house then focus on main rooms  Family room,Kitchen and Master bedroom. Usually real estate agents can advise the seller for example if the home is worth $400 asking price  and instead of reducing the price . Seller can spend in the range of $5000 to $10,000.  The staged home sells for 17% more than non-staged home and 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less. For every $100 invested in staging , the potential return is $400. Its overwhelmimg to clear and sell a ome that’s has been occupied for many years.Piles of papers, trunks full of nick-nacks Mountains of miscellany. Nobody knows  this more than Glendale, Calif – based Betsy Wilbur, who professionall ” stages” homes for sale. But with a small investment of time and/  or money, homes that are set up to sell can reap more rewards than ones that havn’t been staged –and even vacant homes.  Wilbur recalls a recent client , the daughter of the  owner who had lived in the house for 50 years. The home had had fallen to “fixer” status . ‘She was a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of selling the home and didn’t know if she wanted to prepare and stage the home or just sell as is” Wilbur said adding that if there are no changes, the home will get low ball offers from contractors ready to flip it after making cosmetic fixes. “But by doing some simple upgardes and staging  the home we could reach another buyer pol- first time home buyer whocould se the ptential.”